Mining Tips

So. You want to learn Mining Tips??? Well you have come to the right place!




Let’s start with the most simple mining technique this first one only works in a crawling state. Go into a 1X1 hole under ground (y level -26 for diamonds) and start strip mining forward. Strip mining means mining in a straight line every 2 blocks you mine a 8 block 1×1 hole to the left and right of you. If you find a deep dark or sculk cave during your trip that’s even better because they are very large caves. If you go into a deep dark biome make sure to not go within 16 blocks of sculk sensors near the sculk buildings because that may trigger a sculk shrieker I will talk about deep dark biomes more in another post. Now lets go to coal, iron and emeralds this one (surprisingly) is above ground. First go to or find a jagged peaks biome because they are great for finding iron, coal, and emeralds (honestly I dont understand that people mine for emeralds just trade them from a village) I recommend going as high as possible to get  the ores this is the simplest method of getting iron besides a farm.




Netherite. Netherite is the best ore in the game. It can craft the best weapons and armor. To start find a side of the nether (preferably underground) and place a bed place 1 block 4 blocks in front of the bed and stand behind that bed and now right click the bed, the bed will explode and look around the fire for any ancient debris and if you don’t find any then repeat the process. To get more wool than create a sheep farm. I will cover sheep farms in a later post.