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Here we make facts about Minecraft we hope you learn something if you did please suggest this to your friends, please no spam comments. 

Fun facts

if you do the command “/Gamerule SendCommandFeedback False” if you do a command the output won’t go out in chat also if you do the command “/Gamerule CommandBlockOutput False”
then command block output won’t broadcast in chat!


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When you name any mob Dinnerbone or Grumm it will turn upside down!

when you name a vindicator johnny it will attack any mob besides ghasts or enderman this is great for mob farms!

when you name a sheep Jeb_ it will become ? rainbow. when you shear it it will only drop the original color you have to kill it to get ? rainbow wool which is great to get the achievement! “A Shearful Day”                       


When you use shears you can actually shear a ⛄️ snowman and it leaves a funny face with a off smile!

Redstone and commands are different in each edition vanilla,java,bedrock so any friends that tell you something about building redstone or commands they might not work but it does not mean there lying… they could be using a different edition so you can ask them.

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MLG’s are common MLG’s are things that stop you from falling or stop fall damage

the most common would be a water bucket MLG because all you need is a bucket and some water just look down when your falling and spam press (Not to quickly) and then if you land in the water then you won’t take fall damage this works with hay to but you will only take part of the fall damage and there are block clutches like lets say your at a 6 block jump when you jump you quickly place a block under that block see the video under me